ISSUE 4  ♦ Jun 2016

Thank You for Making Staff Email Account Migration a Success!

In March 2016, ICTO completed the planned staff email account migration to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. A total of 1562 mailboxes (email accounts) were migrated from Lotus Notes to Outlook.


Focus Topic

Service Updates

Data Storage Upgrade

Data is a valuable asset. To protect data from loss, ICTO provides a “PC Data Backup Service” for staff members. Record shows that until May 2016, over 40 million files were stored in the storage system. To improve the performance [...]


Introduction of ICTO Services

ICTO Corner


Outlook Tips: Quick Steps

According to research published by Radicati Group Inc., “More than 2005 billion emails were sent per day in 2015”. We usually spend a lot of time every day to manage our emails in Outlook. Some email management tasks are performed [...]