Microsoft has ended the support for old versions of Internet Explorer (IE) web browser, including IE 8, IE 9 and IE 10 from 12 January 2016. These unsupported versions will no longer receive any security updates, compatibility fixes and technical support. For more details, please refer to the post in last issue.

To prevent security flaws and threats, ICTO has arranged IE 11 browser upgrade on all desktops and notebook computers provided by ICTO.

IE 11 Upgrade Progress

Starting from 24 February 2016, the Internet Explorer 11 is deployed automatically via Windows update on the computers provided by ICTO. Users only need to restart the computers to complete the upgrade process.

Until June 2016, 83% of computers are upgraded to IE 11 successfully.

17% of computers are not yet installed with IE 11 due to various reasons:

  • The computer is not yet restarted, it is the last step to complete the installation process
Please restart your computer
  • Installation of other Windows updates is in progress
Please proceed with Windows updates and restart your computer
  • Other reasons
Please contact our Help Desk at 8822 8600 if IE 11 is not yet installed on your computer

Completion of In-House Developed Applications to Support IE11

In response to IE upgrade, ICTO is constantly updating our web applications to improve browsers compatibility. In order to let users run our web applications with IE11 without any problems, ICTO has solved the issues including the malfunction of the download buttons in the web form and display of the web content.

By the end of May 2016, over 95% of web applications, including Student Information (SI) Web Services, E-Leave, Human Resources Management System, Financial Information System, Sport Complex Booking System and News Release System are updated and currently compatible with IE11. ICTO will keep working on the rest of the web applications for better compatibility with web browsers.

If you find any web application that could not display properly in IE 11, please enable the [Compatibility View] setting on IE 11 or use Firefox to browse the application.

For more information about web application compatibility, please refer to FAQ.