As a replacement of Lotus Notes Document Management, ShareDM ( service is in use at UM since 2015.

We would like to share with you following progress about database migration:

Notes Document Databases Migration

  • Several major departments (including ICTO, CO, SAO, UCO) have completed the migration of their document databases from Lotus Notes to ShareDM;
  • Departments (including CMO, OSA, Rector’s Office) are working on the database migration, and more than 50% of document databases in these departments have been migrated;
  • Departments (ADO and CDO) have started the migration of databases;
  • For the rest of administrative departments, ICTO is working with their site administrators to coordinate the migration process.

ShareDM Deployment

  • ICTO has completed the training for all site administrators of ShareDM;
  • ICTO has arranged the subsequent hands-on workshops for the site administrators:
    1. ICTO has completed the hands-on workshops for FST, CTLE, FAH and SPC
    2. Hands-on workshops for HRO, ADO and FHS will be arranged soon
  • With great assistance from departmental site administrators, several departments (including SAO, CO, CTLE, OSA, CMO, ICTO) have completed building up their departmental sites in ShareDM and the new document management service is currently in use. ICTO has arranged in-house training for all the general users from these departments to make use of the functions and features.

Hand-on workshops and training activities will continue to be arranged in 2016. ICTO will provide technical assistance to the site administrators for all departments and faculties in setting up their departmental sites and also speed up overall progress for Lotus Notes document databases migration.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the site administrators and all the departmental users, for their help and support regarding the Lotus Notes Document Database migration.