In March 2016, ICTO completed the planned staff email account migration to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. A total of 1565 mailboxes (email accounts) were migrated from Lotus Notes to Outlook. The overall completion rate for the migration was 98%, the remaining 2% of staff need to be rescheduled. ICTO would like to express our sincere thanks to the department coordinators for your assistance during the migration. We would also like to thank all staff members for you cooperation and patience during the email migration.


98 % complete – 1565 of 1593 Email accounts migrated. (Update as of 16 June, 2016)

Shared Mailbox Migration Arrangement

Migration of Shared-Mailbox

Looking forward, ICTO has started the migration of shared-mailboxes and other accounts (e.g.; We are contacting coordinators in each of the departments for scheduling the migration of shared-mailboxes with the goal to complete by July 31, 2016.

Once the shared-mailbox is migrated to Outlook, it will automatically display in the Folder pane in Outlook. For more information about using shared-mailbox in Outlook 2013, you may refer to Microsoft website.

Migration of Email Group

In the meantime, we are migrating email groups of all departments (e.g. ICTO_GRP; IUS_GRP) to Exchange server. Once an email group is migrated, you can find the Group name changed to display in bold with a plus (+) sign in Outlook. You can check who’s in the group by clicking the plus (+) sign besides the Group name.

In addition, ICTO offers tutorials to assist staff to know more the functions and features of new staff email system – Microsoft Outlook 2013, please visit ICTO Knowledge Base.