Data is a valuable asset. To protect data from loss, ICTO provides a “PC Data Backup Service” for staff members. Record shows that until May 2016, over 40 million files were stored in the storage system.

To improve the performance of PC Data Backup service, the storage system is upgraded during the period from 13 May 2016 to 17 May 2016. All users’ backup files were migrated to the new storage system successfully.

The new storage system provides

  • High Availability

To eliminate the risk of single point of failure in the event of hardware failure, file system corruption etc., all users’ backup files will be copied and synchronized between the storage systems in two data centers. Even if one data copy fails, there is another data copy for access.

  • Speedy Disaster Recovery

It allows for the efficient data restoration in event of disaster. The data recovery process is shortened from one to two days to half an hour.

For more details about the “PC Data Backup Service”, please visit here.