ICTO ACTS had conducted a survey to assess the usage of ICTO Computer Room by students and academic staff. Survey was conducted from 23 March until 15 April, 2016. Two sets of questionnaire in Chinese and English were prepared for students and academic staff respectively. Data collected from survey provided valuable information and it will serve as good reference for our continuous improvements efforts.

Two thousands email invitations were sent to students and 86 to academic staff. 766 complete replies from students and 48 from academic staff were received. Response rate was 38.2% and 55.8% respectively. Most of the respondents were satisfied with ICTO Computer Room service and support. The average satisfaction level was 3.56 from students and 4.02 from academic staff (highest is 5).

Some of the survey results are listed below:

One open-ended question was included to collect further comments from respondents on ICTO Computer Room service. 108 feedbacks were received with 12 compliments. Here are the list of some of the comments collected from the survey and our plan of improvement actions.

User FeedbackPlan of Improvement Actions
  • It would be much easier if you allow faculty computer rooms to share software licenses.
  • 打開wordppt很慢
  • 在電腦室開啟word的檔案需花費很長時間,有時甚至當機。
  • Launch virtual computer room service
  • Fine tune the system performance
  • 多开几个
  • 电脑室数量太少
  • 多建電腦室,e6有點遠
  • Continuous monitoring of ICTO computer room usage
  • Launch virtual computer room service
  • Please increase the number of computers in a single computer room, for example 60.
  • 希望增加電腦數量
  • 整體不錯,就是可以加多幾個電插制,學生有時會把自己的私人電腦也拿來一起開會做家課時,可以充電。
  • Increase number of seats to 56 seats in one ICTO computer room
  • Provide extra power sockets for users
  • icto 的職責認識瞭解不多,期待可以有更多宣傳
  • 可以适当推送给学生一些使用学校公共资源的技能和知识。
  • Strengthen the promotion of service information
  • printing machines are not enough for use
  • 強烈要求每個學院都能安排至少3部電腦以及一部打印機方便學生使用。
  • Setup additional fast access PC in E6 Learning Commons
  • 清潔問題有待改善
  • 定期清洁键盘鼠标
  • Discuss and arrange with the service contractor