ISSUE 18  ♦ Jan 2020

Focus Topic

Forecast of 2020 Key Projects

Adopting with the rapid growth of our University, ICTO will continue to deliver suitable ICT services and enhance various systems for staff and students. ICTO is working closely with different units on various initiatives. Some of these are scheduled to be kick-started in 2020.


IT Security

Information Security Tasks 2019

In 2019, ICTO had performed following tasks to enhance the information security. Beware of Phishing Scams Cybercriminals use phishing—a type of social engineering—to manipulate people into doing what scammer or phishing email sender wants. Social engineering is at the heart [...]

Information Security Tips

Did you know? There have been data breaches across the industry in recent years. These data breaches involved education institutions, airline companies, government departments, banking and financial institutions, e-commerce corporations, web service providers, etc. More than half of the [...]

Service Updates


Events and Trainings

From Sep to Dec 2019, ICTO has organized following events and trainings. In 23-25 September 2019, ICTO co-organized the workshop “Network Security Workshop” with APNIC for the community of Macao and the nearby region.    Network security is a [...]

Introduction of ICTO Services

Emergency Landlines

Telephone is one of the most important communication platform in our campus. In order to maintain basic telephone communication service during disaster liked typhoon HATO which caused power supply interruption, ICTO had installed emergency landlines across UM campus. [...]