In 2019, ICTO processed more than 100 studies and projects, 12,000 support requests and visited 28 users departments to understand their needs. Moreover, we arranged more than 52 briefings and training sessions to enhance users’ understanding about related services and assisted them to use the IT services more conveniently with ease.

Some key achievements are listed as follows:


In response to the research needs of high performance computing, ICTO reviewed the existing resources and established a new generation of HPCC, namely Coral. The overall computing performance of the 3rd generation HPCC is increased by 12.5 times compared to the last generation, occupying a leading position of the HPCC among the higher education institutes in Macao.

Internet and Wireless Coverage Enhancement

In order to have better user experience on Internet services, ICTO implemented a new bandwidth control system to identify Internet applications effectively for bandwidth allocation. Due to the new WAN architecture, the total Internet bandwidth is increased 12.5% to 4.5Gbps but the total expense is decreased by 50%. The wireless network coverage of both indoor and outdoor areas is improved and reached 84% and 25% respectively in 2019.

Laboratory Equipment Information Management System

The UM Laboratory Equipment Information Management System is on trial use. Information of laboratory equipment (with purchased amount >MOP250,000) in different units is available in the database.  Staff can search for major equipment available in UM.

Smart Cloud Services – Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) and UM Drive

Adoption of cloud technology has enhanced the mobility and security. It has also enhanced the user experience and efficiency of teaching, learning, research and administrative work.

  • With the smart cloud desktop system (VDS), legacy applications are migrated to the virtual desktop for execution. Therefore, client computing environment will not have any restriction compared with the original situation.
  • UM Drive – a new file storage and sharing solution was launched. It has enhanced the mobility and security on UM-related file sharing. Users can upload, access, synchronize and share files via the UMDrive either on campus or out of campus.

Two-Factor Authentication

ICTO has implemented Two-Factor Authentication (known as 2FA) to give UMPASS accounts an extra layer of protection. If you have enabled the 2FA service, even if a UMPASS password is exposed, the attacker will not be able to access your account without knowing or having your second authentication factor. UM members are urged to enable the service as soon as possible to have the protection.

Student Information App (SIAPP)

Student Information App (SIAPP) was launched in September 2019. There have been over 25,000 logins, mostly through web browser, and the top 5 used functions are “Academic Records”, “eDebit Note”, “Student Profile”, “Payment Information” and “Timetable”.

We have also received some very good suggestions on SIAPP from our students. We would certainly continue to fine tune the layout, add more self-services and functions including Study Plan to this application. Please try more with your mobile phone, and tell us what you think through “Feedback” at the upper part of this application!

ICTO by Numbers

34,047,793,551,114  bytes of daily inbound traffic of Internet (30.97TB) 55%↑
603,979,776  bytes per second of bandwidth connection to Internet (4.5 Gbps) 61%↑
72,817,053  spam mails detected by Secure Email Gateway 19%↑
54,121,161  web requests of myUM Portal ( 99%↑
9,754,436  visits to UM Main Page ( 34%↑
611,580  GFLOPS in HPCC 10%↑
711,917  internal attacks blocked by server farm firewall 129%↑
13,158  maximum concurrent connections to WiFi per day in average 16%↑
12,035  overall service requests were resolved (99.48% were resolved within the target time) 15%↑
3,428  online courses on UMMoodle 32%↑
191  core administrative applications and components were maintained 22%↑

For more information about ICTO key projects, please visit our ICTO – Key Projects website: