Telephone is one of the most important communication platform in our campus. In order to maintain basic telephone communication service during disaster liked typhoon HATO which caused power supply interruption, ICTO had installed emergency landlines across UM campus.

What is the difference between IP Phone and Landline?

A landline is different from IP Phone because landline uses a metal wire or cable to transfer a voice call while an IP Phone uses network (Internet Protocol).

Why have emergency landlines?

Our current IP Phone system, that provides communication services to UM members, requires power supply and data network, and it works similar to a computer systems. When power supply is interrupted for several hours, our campus loses network connectivity, then telecommunications. To prevent such scenario, ICTO had worked with telephone service provider to install traditional telephone lines across campus to provide basic telephone communication to UM key members to perform emergency operations in the event of a disaster. Landlines do not require power supply to function. These landlines can be used to make phone calls on campus during emergency.

Where can I find the landlines?

The landlines are mainly available at the security centres, management office and emergency command center.

(Emergency landlines on campus)