Do you know? In the recent years, data breach occurred in different industries over the world. In case you have not changed your password for a long time, your password may have been compromised in various information security incidents such as phishing emails, fake websites, Trojan horse programs, vulnerabilities, password cracking, etc. Your account password may have already known by the hackers, so you are advised to refer to the following security measures for ensuring account security.

    • Change password periodically. Usually, it is recommended to change password every 180 days. If you have not changed your password for a long time, please change it immediately (Change password);
    • Strong password. Use strong password, such as “gL3ToL@uh%” (please refer to ICTO knowledge base);
    • Lengthen the password. You can also lengthen the password instead of using complicated password. It is recommended to use unrelated word combinations which is more than 15 characters in total. It is not only more secure but also easier to remember and input the password, e.g. “PersonalOceanAlthough”;
    • Beware of information security fatigue. We believe that you have already had a certain extent of awareness and alertness. However, sometimes you may unconsciously get relax and unfortunately cause information security incident. Therefore, you are recommended to make good use of some security tools as below to reduce security risk.
      • Use Two-Factor Authentication to protect your accounts (2FA). 2FA provides an extra layer of protection for your UMPASS account, designed to ensure that you are the only person accessing your account
      • Encrypt mobile disks (BitLocker)
      • Use RMS to protect important documents (RMS)

In case of any account is suspected to be compromised, the user account will be automatically disabled directly. ICTO will contact the user to reset the password.