ISSUE 1 Sept 2015

Message from Director of ICTO
Welcome to the first edition of the ICTO’s newly returned newsletter! I hope the newsletter will be able to help you all keep updated with what’s going on and what’s new within ICTO and UM at large regarding IT.


Focus Topic

Service Updates



The ICTO IT Week was held from 24-28 August, in the first week of new academic year 2015/2016.  Series of seminars, workshops, IT facility tours, and booth were arranged at Student Activity Centre as well as ICTO computer rooms at [...]

ICTO Training

MS Office 2013 and MS Outlook 2013 Microsoft Office 2013 is the office application provided by ICTO for the use of staff members.  In order to let our staff know more about functions and features that can help facilitate their [...]

Introduction of ICTO Services

Electronic Campus Map

ICTO established an interactive electronic campus map to help staff and students get familiar with the campus.  You can browse map information by dragging or zooming, or use the search menu to locate buildings, departments, facilities, outdoor wireless access location [...]