ICTO established an interactive electronic campus map to help staff and students get familiar with the campus.  You can browse map information by dragging or zooming, or use the search menu to locate buildings, departments, facilities, outdoor wireless access location and transportation.  Besides, you can enable the GPS service on your mobile device. When GPS service is enabled, a blue point will appear on the map showing the reference location where you click “My Location”.

Remark: The electronic campus map requires Internet access, please beware of your 3G data usage, especially when roaming, in order to avoid extra charges.


In addition, Information and Communication Technology Office (ICTO) and Campus Services Section (CS) jointly made the pylon location URLs in UM Electronic Campus Map as QR code stickers and stuck them on outdoor directional and information pylons on campus.  By using smart phone or tablet PC to scan the QR code on the pylon, you will quickly get your current location information on the electronic campus map without GPS.


UM electronic campus map can be accessed by “UM Mobile App” or by scanning the following QR code: