The ICTO IT Week was held from 24-28 August, in the first week of new academic year 2015/2016.  Series of seminars, workshops, IT facility tours, and booth were arranged at Student Activity Centre as well as ICTO computer rooms at Central Teaching Building.  ICTO IT Week is dedicated to introduce the facilities and services of ICTO as well as to promote the awareness of IT security.

One major activity in the IT Week was introduction to new email system um@connect for new students.  Briefing sessions were arranged to provide detailed information to students about new student email and at the same time, there were booths for students to apply the account at once.  A total of 547 students registered during the IT Week.

In order to enable new students to be familiar with the facilities of ICTO, Introduction to ICTO facilities tour were arranged daily during the IT Week on route to learning commons service counters, multimedia computer room, ICTO computer rooms and Help Desk counter in Central Teaching Building.  Besides facilities tours, briefing sessions about e-campus were arranged for students to introduce about IT services and facilitate for students’ residing on campus.

On the other hand, workshops including MS outlook, UMMoodle and High Performance Computing facilities were arranged for staff.

An IT security seminar was organized to provide guidelines to participants on safety network and computer usage.  Expert from Hong Kong Version 2 (ESET regional sole distributor) shared how a computer is compromised, how phishing emails look like and offered suggestions on protecting oneself from such attacks.  The advices included a strong password, keep operating system and antivirus software updated, pay attention before clicking a link from suspicious source, as well as perform schedule backup to protect personal important data.