The existing on-premises student email service is only for active UM students.  When the students graduated, their email account will be terminated and cannot be used anymore.  In order to increase student’s sense of belonging as UM members and to increase the usage of official UM email account for communication, ICTO provides a lifelong email service for students.  Student will receive a new email address, which is [Student User ID] (UM@Connect), it means “You always connect with UM and vise versa” and this UM email (address) can be retained throughout their lifetime.

Starting from the new academic year of 2015, UM students are welcome to register “UM@Connect” lifelong email service.

UM@Connect has the following benefits when comparing to the on-premises student email service:

  • Have a lifelong email address [Student User ID]
  • Emails sent to [Student User ID] will also deliver to your UM@Connect account
  • Send and receive email by Microsoft Exchange Online
  • 50GB mailbox (no extra quota can be offered)
  • 1TB OneDrive storage
  • Support iOS/Android Apps
  • User friendly interface
  • Free download and install Office 365 ProPlus!

Get the service details and REGISTER NOW!

After you leave or graduate from the University, your [Student User ID] email address will be deactivated.

For registered students, please check the following FAQ for using your mobile phone to access UM@Connect.