Welcome to the first edition of the ICTO’s newly returned newsletter! After a long break, I am pleased to announce that the quarterly newsletter has been reinstated. I hope the newsletter will be able to help you all keep updated with what’s going on and what’s new within ICTO and UM at large regarding IT.

Before we continue, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the new ICTO director of the University of Macau, with my term starting earlier this year in April. As the director, I look forward to having more dialogue with you all and I encourage you to make use of the newsletter as a platform for more interaction and as an outlet for feedback.

With so many new additions and changes going on in ICTO and also UM at large, I think it is important that everyone stays up to speed with what’s going on, our progress and our achievements, and the newsletter will be a perfect way to communicate news to our readers.

If you have any inquiries about current services provided by ICTO, please visit our service catalogues on http://ictoinfo.umac.mo/. Please feel free to direct any questions, comments and suggestions to the editor.  I look forward to hearing from you all and reading your contributions in future newsletters!

Chong Wing Kong
Director of ICTO