ICTO is making great progress in the migration of staff email accounts from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Since July 2015 until today, more than 1350 of the 1593 individual staff email accounts have been migrated to Outlook. These includes administrative staff and academic staff of FBA, FSS, FAH and ICMS. We have achieved our target of migrating 80 percent of the staff email accounts to Outlook by the end of this year.

Project Timeline

Here is the schedule for the staff email account migration. Email migration is in progress and at present we are migrating academic staff email accounts.

21 July – 16 October, 2015

  • Migration of all administrative staff email accounts completed

19 October – 31 December, 2015

  • Migration of academic staff email accounts started (FBA, FSS, FAH, ICMS)

1 January  – 29 February, 2016

  • Academic staff email accounts migration in progress (FED, FHS, FLL, FST).

1 November 2015 – 31 March 2016

  • Migration of email groups and shared account started

1 December 2015 – 31 March 2016

  • Migration of remaining staff email accounts

Project Status

As of 28 December 2015, 1353 of the 1593 staff email accounts were successfully migrated to Outlook. Administrative staff of department, faculties or colleges had completed migration according to schedule. Recently, the project team started the migration for academic staff of faculties. As planned, email accounts of academic staff of FBA, FSS, FAH, ICMS will be migrated to Outlook by the end of this year.

Project team is preparing to migrate the rest of staff email accounts next year, majority of the staff members are from academic staff of FED, FHS, FLL, FST.

85% complete – 1353 of 1593 Email account migrated. (Update as of 28 December, 2015)


With the start of email migration, ICTO has received many calls about using new staff email system – Outlook, we answered users’ enquiry either over the phone or provide onsite support for staff members. Moreover, the project team is involved in resolving the problems reported to ICTO Help Desk everyday. ICTO expects additional features and functionality added in Outlook email in the future, including an integration of Outlook’s encryption feature.

In addition, ICTO offers tutorials to assist staff to know more the functions and features of new staff email system – Microsoft Outlook 2013, please visit ICTO Knowledge Base.