In this academic year, UM@Connect – the student’s lifelong email service is launched by ICTO. After three months since its commencement, over 1700 students have already registered UM@Connect. Meanwhile, we have received many queries about UM@Connect. Here we have listed some reminders for our students who have registered to the new email system.

Firstly, after you have registered UM@Connect, please be reminded to click the yellow button “UM@Connect” instead of the second button “Student Webmail” to login.

Secondly, for iOS or Android users, you can just take few steps to connect your UM@Connect to the Built-in App in your mobiles or tablets.

iOS users:

Android users:

For more frequently asked questions about UM@Connect, please kindly click on this link

If you are interested in this service, you are welcome to register anytime!

Get the service details and REGISTER NOW!

If you have any further queries on UM@Connect, please feel free to contact ICTO Help Desk (E5-2085 (eMap), Telephone : 8822 8600, Email :