In order to raise UM students and staff members’ awareness about IT security, ICTO organised two seminars about IT security.  Earlier, during ICTO Week, an IT security seminar was organised with the topic “How to avoid being phished?”.  Another recent IT security seminar named “CyberLife and Security at Uni!” was organised on 2 September 2015 at the Lecture Hall of Anthony Lau Building.  The seminar was conducted by the Principal Consultant, Mr. Geoffroy Thonon from MOCERT (Macau Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre) of MANETIC (Macau New Technologies Incubator Centre).

Mr. Thonon shared with participants the recent security issues and provided information to secure devices and equipment, use of password, updating and activating antivirus software, checking individual files (using, alert regarding emails, attachments that look or sound suspicious.  During the seminar, Mr. Thonon also made a live demonstration about how a computer could easily be hacked by simply enticing victims to open a pdf file, then to click anywhere on a web page or a spoofed URL bar.  He advised the audiences to stop, and think first before clicking anything.  The two hours seminar was held in a packed hall with over 140 audiences.

This seminar was also posted at UM Reporter Column by UM reporter.

Here are some of the photos taken during the seminar.