In the past when Lotus Notes was used as default email client for UM staff members, several other services were offered on Lotus Notes. One of such service was Document Management System.

To make improvements in document management system, ICTO had deployed ShareDM ( service and document migration is in progress according to schedule.

Here we would like to share short progress report to update you;

Notes Document Databases Migration

  • After the completion of document databases migration of several major administrative departments, the migration document databases for the academic departments were started in May 2016.
  • Several major departments (including ADO, CO, FHS, FST, HSEO, ICTO, OSA, SAO and UCO) are completely migrated document databases from Lotus Notes to ShareDM.
  • Database migration for departments (including CMDO and RTO) is in progress and more than 50% of databases in these departments are migrated successfully.
  • For the rest of the departments, IMS is currently coordinating with their site administrators to start the migration progress.

ShareDM Deployment

  • ICTO had conducted the formal training of the site administrators of all the departments in 2016.
  • Subsequent hands-on workshops was also organised for the staff of AMSV, CKLC, CTLE, FHS, FST, HC, ICMS and LCWC.
  • With the assistance from departmental site administrators, several departments (including SAO, CO, CTLE, OSA, CMDO, ICTO, FHS, FST and AAO) have completed building up their departmental sites in ShareDM and the new document management service is currently in use. IMS has arranged in-house training for all general users from these departments to provide briefing related to the new functions and features.
  • Hands-on workshops and training activities will be organised regularly in 2017. ICTO will continue to provide technical assistance to the site administrators to setup their departmental sites.