Identity and Access Management (ACM), and New Budgeting System (BGT) were launched on 1 January 2017. FO and ICTO-IMS jointly organised two briefing sessions.

Identity and Access Management (ACM) on 13 December, 2016
New Budgeting System (BGT) on 15 December 2016

The representatives from FO and IMS introduced the related functions of BGT and ACM.

Following topics were covered in the briefing sessions:

Part I: New Identity and Access Management System

·         Introduction to the Concept of Enterprise Groups

·         Demo regarding Management of Groups and Members

·         Effective Privileges (Application Roles)

Part II: New Budgeting System

·         Introduction to New Budgeting System

·         Budget Reservation Operation

·         Account Enquiry and Reporting Functions

Starting from 1 January 2017, all units are granted the access right to manage the members of their group(s) known as enterprise groups to grant privileges, e.g. the access rights of BGT. In other words, all units could add/remove member(s) from their respective enterprise group. Different access rights such as approval or submission of budget reservation is also managed by the units.

In near future, the departmental administrator will also be able to use ACM to manage the access rights on other applications. It increases the flexibility and efficiency to manage applications for members and their members’ privileges.