We are glad to inform you that UMMoodle, Community and ePortfolio are upgraded to newer version with great enhancement and new features. Besides, the domain name of UMMoodle, ePortfolio’s domain name is also changed. Please use the new URL to access the websites, configure the mobile app, and update the relevant links if necessary.

Some of the new features and enhancements are listed as below:

UMMoodle and Community – Moodle 3.5

  • New interface – Booststrap 4
  • New Attendance activity
  • Add Course Images on the dashboard
  • Directly record sound and video
  • Filter Quiz questions by tag
  • More efficient user management
  • More badge criteria
  • Quiz and Choice enhancements

ePortfolio – Mahara 19.04

  • New interface – Booststrap 4
  • Consolidation of “People” and “Groups”
  • Add navigation block
  • Revamped Page header area
  • Forum enhancements