Starting from academic year 2019/2020, a new service will be launched for students:

Student Information APP (SIAPP)

The Student Information APP (SIAPP) is designed to replace the current Student Information Web (SIWEB) service. SIAPP provides most of the services currently in SIWEB, including

  • Student Profile – Shows your personal information, contacts. Don’t forget to register your mobile number so that we can contact you!
  • RC Information – Shows your Residential College related information here. How’s your RC life going?
  • Academic Records – Check your enrolment, grades, and GPA. Are you performing well this year?
  • Timetable – Check your class and exam schedule here. You’ll never miss a class with this!
  • Message Center – You will see messages such as add/drop appointment time here. Don’t miss out any message sent to you. They are all IMPORTANT!
  • Payment Information – This is where you check the debit notes and register your bank account so that we can financially connect with you.
  • External link – Other services we provide to you related to your studies. Use this to access services such as Course Add/Drop, Pre-enrolment, StudyPlan.

SIAPP is currently launched as a pilot version. More and more services are expected to be added in near future. Stay tuned at!