The upgrade in 2020 includes three parts: core system upgrade, outdoor access point upgrade and indoor access point upgrade.

Core System Upgrade

In the first half of 2020, ICTO upgraded the core management components of the entire wireless LAN system. This upgrade provides more comprehensive management features. In particular, the quality of radio signals and transmission strategies have been improved. It provides the most advanced optimization solutions and improves the signal quality of existing access points in our complex campus environment.

Outdoor Access Point Upgrade

ICTO has upgraded 50% of campus outdoor access points. Thanks to the newly designed antenna and the wireless network technology, the upgraded access points will greatly improve the connection capability and signal quality. It supports the 802.11ac wave 2 standard. This upgrade will provide users with faster and more stable outdoor wireless network environment.  Above is the picture of a new outdoor access point.

Indoor Access Point Upgrade

Wireless LAN system has been in use for years. Increased number of users and mobile devices on campus affected the wireless network performance. To make improvements, ICTO completed the first phase of indoor access point’s upgrade, it is mainly aimed at areas with higher usage, including buildings E1, E2, E4~E7, N2, E11 and E21. New model of indoor access point supports 802.11ac wave 2 standard and dual 5G channel features, which greatly increase users’ access volume. Besides, this upgrade cooperates with advanced intelligent channel allocation function and makes the wireless network signal of the entire area more stable. Finally, this upgrade also provides a more optimized solution for the sudden increase of users in a certain area.