To cope with development needs on network connections by end users and to resolve the aging issues of network equipment in use since 2012, ICTO initiated the upgrade of wired network in N21, N22 and N23 buildings and completed in July this year.

Besides the increase in network speed from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, the network topology has also been improved to provide a faster and more stable network environment for academic and research purposes. The peak volume of network traffic is twice as high as before while the delay of real-time transmission is reduced to make significant improvement.

In this project, ICTO has replaced 307 switches in 61 ELV rooms and about 7500 network ports are refreshed.

Figure of N21, N22, N23 Network Upgrade
No. of Switch ReplacedNo. of ELV Rooms InvolvedNo. of Network  Port Refreshed