It happens that sometimes we forget the password. If you forgot the password of your staff account, you may contact ICTO Help Desk for resetting the password.

For students’ account, if you have a valid Macao mobile phone number or a secondary e-mail registered in Student Information system, you may recovery your account following this link

After resetting the password, please update the new password in your device (i.e. Mobile devices WI-FI password).

If you cannot recover your password, please contact ICTO Help Desk for assistance.

How to choose a strong password?

When you choose a strong password, it is intended to make it difficult for someone or some program to guess. ICTO recommends that you choose password that is easy enough for you to remember and you do not need to write it down on a paper.

Tips for creating a strong password:

  • The password’s length is 8 – 15 characters
  • Include punctuation marks and/or numbers
  • Mix capital and lowercase letters
  • Include similar looking substitutions, such as the number zero for the letter “O” or “$” for the letter “S”
  • Create a unique acronym
  • Include phonetic replacements, such as “lUv2LauF” for “Love to Laugh”
  • Special characters can be included: ` ~ ! # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + – { } | [ ] \ : ” ; ‘ ? , .
  • Special characters cannot be included space @ = / < >

Things to avoid:

  • Don’t use a password that is listed above
  • Don’t use a password that contains personal information (name, birth date, etc.)
  • Don’t use words or acronyms that can be found in a dictionary
  • Don’t use keyboard patterns (asdf) or sequential numbers (1234)
  • Don’t make your password all numbers, uppercase letters or lowercase letters
  • Don’t use repeating characters (aa11)
  • Don’t reuse passwords
  • Don’t use the same password for different accounts

Tips for keeping your password secure:

  • Never disclose your password to anyone
  • Never write your password on a paper. Never send your password via email
  • Periodically test your current password and change it to a new one