ICTO has been continuing to provide support service to all staff and students of the University during the pandemic period on the teaching and learning, administrative applications and network services.

  • Maintained close monitoring on different systems and network infrastructure to ensure stable performance.
  • Applied updates and patches to fix issues and vulnerabilities.
  • Continued the support in using administrative applications and application development.
  • Maintained Help Desk support to answer inquiries and providing technical support to staff and students on using the computing services at home. From 18 June to 1 August 2022, 1,470 support service calls were handled.

Besides maintaining the IT facilities and services, ICTO colleagues participated in anti-pandemic work including:

  • Supported 13 rounds of citywide nucleic acid testing.
  • Assisted in the infectious disease hotline in Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Assisted the anti-epidemic work such as patrol and persuasion work.

Following services are available to facilitate work:

SSL VPN provides a secure way to access UM internal resources off-campus.
Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) provides a virtual computing environment for administrative, academic and research works, and run specific software in virtual computer room anytime.
Microsoft Office 365 allows UM staff and students to download and install MS Office in your home computer.
Zoom allows you to conduct an online meeting through your computer or mobile device.
Hotline, Voicemail & Call Transfer services allows departments to keep communication with public.
Jabber allows you to carry your extension number on your mobile device to anywhere.
UMDrive provides you a storage space where you can upload, access and share your working file with your team.