Do you know what Help Desk do? 

ICTO Help Desk provides support to all staff and students regarding IT facilities and services.  We do not only resolve technical issues, we also respond to your enquiries about ICTO’s services and provide IT equipment for office use.  Let’s take a look at some key statistics of 2020 related to ICTO’s Help-Desk.

Number of Service Calls

10,654 service calls were handled in 2020.

Figure: Number of Service Calls (By Year 2016 – 2020)

97.64% of service calls were resolved within service target.  We keep trying our best to be efficient and provide prompt assistance to you.  The highest number of service calls were received at the beginning of new academic year, which is usually the peak period every year.

Figure: Number of Service Calls in 2020 and the Percentage of Calls Resolved within Service Target

Top 10 Service Calls

Guess what was the most requested among all service calls in 2020?  It was application of user account!  Each of you has an account in order to access to various IT services.  Remember to keep your account and password confidential for your own use only, do not share your account password to anyone.

Figure: Top 10 Service Calls Categories

Service Calls Reported Channels

In 2020, majority of service calls were reported via email to ICTO Help Desk.  Phone to Help Desk hotline and self-service via IT Service Management System were other commonly used reporting channels.  IT Service Management System provides self-service for staff to submit and manage their requests.

Figure: 2020 Support Calls By Reported Channels

Number of Service Calls Resolved by Remote Support Service

Remote support is a secure and quick method to provide technical support through establishing a remote connection to the computers to resolve the problems.  In 2020, 7.37% support calls were resolved efficiently through remote support.

Figure: Top 3 Types of Calls Solved by Remote Support Service

Number of Equipment Issued to Staff


Number of Computing Equipment Short-Term Reservation