Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, the way we live, work and study changed a lot. At the same time the demand for more online activities as well as needs on ICT services increased. There is an increased strain on resources due to the economic impact of COVID-19. It is severely challenging for ICT services and information security as well. ICTO will definitely study and implement the ICT services with the available resources according to the expectation and priority of our stakeholders. Here is the highlight of some key projects in 2021:

Self-Printing of Testimonial and Transcript Service

ICTO is deploying the self-printing of testimonial and transcript service and targets to launch it in the first quarter of 2021. Students can print their testimonial and transcript by themselves through the specified kiosks.

Upgrade of Wireless LAN Access Points

As some of the wireless LAN access points are reaching the end of the product life cycle, ICTO will perform the related upgrade in phases. In this phase, ICTO will upgrade those wireless LAN access points which mainly located at State Key Laboratories, Administration Building and Central Teaching Buildings.

New Procurement System

ICTO has deployed the 2nd phase of the new procurement system (Purchase Request module), for standardizing procurement processes, increasing work efficiency, better data analysis and management reporting, and improving integration with the Budgeting System.

Information Security

ICTO will assist the University in strengthening the security management of login accounts of university members. Besides, ICTO will continue to strengthen information security measures and operations strategy, and raise the information security awareness of users to respond to the rapidly evolving cyberattacks and threats.

For more information about ICTO projects, please visit our ICTO – Key Projects website: