Email spam filters are a critical part of IT security today. To combat the rising tide of email spam for student mailbox – UM@Connect (Student Lifelong Email Service), ICTO has deployed Secure Email Gateway to protect against SPAM, phishing, ransomware, graymail and malware. It automatically scans and keeps spam messages or messages that could be harmful out of student inbox.

When Secure Email Gateway detects an email containing malicious contents, email will be quarantined. “Quarantined Email Digest” (email listing all the quarantined emails) will be delivered to your mailbox every day at 8:00 p.m. You can also go to “Quarantine Console” and login with your UMPASS to view and manage your quarantined emails.

Product promotions, email newsletter and bulk emails will be quarantined automatically. If you want to receive those emails, you can select the email in the “Quarantine Console” and click “Deliver & Approve Sender”.

For more information, please refer to ICTO homepage and FAQs.