Have you ever worried that the private and confidential documents will be leaked? Or will you prefer to add protection on the document files to protect it from unauthorized access?

The RMS File Protection Service for staff provided by ICTO may be the answers to the questions. RMS File Protection Service provides information right management with encryption feature, it is ideal for protecting the document with confidential information, examination papers, critical research data, study reports, theses or any sensitive information, etc.

With this service, staff can assign access control right to their important documents, so as to keep them safe from unauthorized reading or modifying, even if you email or save the documents to another device or another cloud storage.

Currently, this service mainly supports MS Office document* and mainly protect MS Office files, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides.

The RMS Protection Service has been enabled by default on all ICTO provided PC. If you are using your own PC or you are not sure whether the service has been enabled or not. Please refer to the link below to check and complete the configuration if necessary.

ADD or REMOVE RMS File Protection on MS Office Documents


a. The service is for users who have staff email account only and requires Internet connection to work.

b. The supported applications*:– Windows: Office 2013 or above;
– MacOS: Office 2016 for Mac.

c. Mobile devices are not fully supported, please use RMS file protection on a desktop / notebook computer.

For more details, please refer to ICTO Knowledge Base.