As new academic year is commenced, a large number of UM members will use the wireless network provided by the University. For the new members, here we would like to introduce UM Wireless LAN service and the methods to connect the Wireless Network.

UM wireless LAN is covering around 80% of campus with more than 6,000 access points. The coverage includes all classrooms, offices, restaurants, dormitories, indoor public areas and 16 outdoor areas. You can refer to UM Outdoor Wireless LAN service for the exact outdoor location. UM Wireless LAN service is provided to different types of users with different accounts and usage policies.

The wireless LAN accounts for all full time staff and students are created with the initial computer accounts by default. UM wireless network service is accessible to all University staff and students. If you have notebook or device with 802.11b/g/a/n/ac wireless module built-in, you can access wireless service with your wireless LAN account.

Currently, ICTO provides 4 types of SSID for connecting to UM Wireless LAN. They are UM_SECURED_WLAN, UM_WLAN_PORTAL, UM_PUBLIC_WIFI, eduroam.

 SSID      Characteristic
  • Provides high security and reliable connection.
  • Compatible with most devices.
  • All UM members are recommended to use it.
  • No configuration is needed. Suitable for all portable devices to use for a short period of time.
  • Provides security authentication only, the data will not be encrypted during transmission. Therefore, please do not transmit any personal or sensitive data using this network.
  • Provide 2-hours free wireless service per day to visitors.
  • Mainly provides roaming service for guests from eduroam member institutions. Guests can use wireless account provided by the affiliated institutions to login to UM Wireless LAN.
  • All UM users can use UM account to access internet at other institutions providing eduroam services.


How to connect to UM Wireless LAN?

As there are different connection methods for different operating systems, ICTO already uploaded these procedures on ICTO Knowledge Base. You can connect to UM Wireless LAN according to the instructions in the knowledge base.

How to connect to UM_SECURED_WLAN?

For the detailed information about how to connect to other SSIDs, kindly refer to ICTO’s Website.


The use of Wireless Network Service is governed by the Acceptable Use Policy and Campus Network Rules:

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If you need any help on using UM Wireless LAN, you may: