ICTO recently conducted the annual on-line survey to access the degree of user satisfaction on using the information and communication technology services provided by ICTO. Purpose of the survey is to get the feedback from users to help us in planning for continuous improvement and improvements in quality of services.

Period:18 April to 14 May, 2019
Target respondents:All students, academic staff and administrative staff
Data collection method:Anonymous on-line survey via email
No. of invitation:11,566  (Student: 10,010, Academic staff: 609, Administrative staff: 947)
No. of response:1,380  (Student: 950, Academic staff: 140, Administrative staff: 290)
Response rate:11.93% (Student: 9.49%, Academic staff: 22.99%, Administrative staff: 30.62%)

According to the survey result, the overall satisfaction level is 7.27 out of 10, which increases slightly compared to last year.

For more details on the satisfaction level of different ICTO services, the comparison of result among users living on campus and outside campus, and result of open-ended questions, aspect(s) that users are most satisfactory with and aspect(s) that need(s) to be improved, please visit ICTO’s web page – https://icto.umac.mo/about-icto/performance-indicators/user-survey/user-satisfaction-survey-on-icto-services-in-academic-year-20172018/ .