The First UM Intellectual Hackathon was held from 26-27 October 2018. It was co-organised by the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement (CTLE), and Information and Communication Technology Office (ICTO). In the event, participating teams were required to develop an application within 24 hours based on UM Open Data API Platform.

UM Open Data API Platform was launched in April 2018 for UM staff and students to access the public data of UM through this platform and develop innovative applications using their creativity.  ICTO had worked closely with CIE and CTLE for technical preparation, setup for this event including the technical briefing for participants, sample codes and guidelines demonstrating how to retrieve data from the API platform, accounts for the participating teams, network infrastructure, accounts for access to the related platforms and for team collaboration, technical support throughout the event etc.

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