Do you know what the Help Desk do?

ICTO Help Desk provides support to all staff and students on the use of IT facilities and services. Here are some statistics from 2023:

ICTO Help Desk received 11,409 service calls in 2023.  98.99% of service calls were resolved within the service target.  We try our best to provide professional and efficient support service to you.

Figure: Number of Service Calls in 2023 and the Percentage of Calls Resolved within Service Target

In 2023, more than half of all service calls were reported via email to the ICTO Help Desk.  Phone to Help Desk hotline (Tel: 8822 8600) and self-service via IT Service Management System were other commonly used reporting channels.  IT Service Management System provides self-service for you to submit and manage your requests.

Figure: 2023 Support Calls By Reported Channels

Phone 8822 8600
Walk-in Counter Room 2085, 2/F, Central Teaching Building (E5)
Self-Service IT Service Management System
Initiated by ICTO Tickets that created directly from ICTO. e.g. Arranging equipment upgrade

Remote Support is a secure and quick method to provide technical support by establishing a remote connection to the computers to resolve problems.  In 2023, 7.33% of support calls were resolved efficiently through remote support.

The most common service calls in 2023 were related to computing accounts and passwords.

Figure: Top 5 Service Calls Categories

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