Highlights of ICTO Work in 2023

ICTO has increased its focus on improving ICT services to align with the University five-year development plan and bridge the gap between user expectations and service provision. In recent user satisfaction survey (link to the survey page), the ICTO overall satisfaction score increased by almost 12% and satisfaction scores of all 11 services  also increased by a range between 4% and 17%. Some highlights are listed below:

New UM Mobile App aims to provide a one-stop mobile application, for students, staff, alumni and public to conveniently access various UM services.

For more details, please refer to https://newsletter.icto.um.edu.mo/pilot-release-of-the-brand-new-mobile-app-um-app/.

– The wireless network coverage for both indoor and outdoor area reached 93% and 40% respectively. 2,800 access points were installed in year 2023.

– Internet download bandwidth was increased from 10.0 Gbps to 13.0 Gbps, an increase of 30% compared with 2022.

600 network switches were upgraded to improve the back-end connectivity of wireless access points.

New “Campus Network Performance Test and Feedback Platform” allow users to easily conduct speed tests and report network issues.

New All-flash central storage was deployed with active-active data center design to improve access performance, maximize data availability, and reduce power consumption and rack space. The storage quota for users was at least doubled.

The Student Online Check-out Service allows students to apply for check-out and track its application progress online.

The revamped system provided a brand new user interface that is more mobile-friendly and offered more online payment options with the GovPay payment gateway.

More reports have been published in PowerBI to allow users to conveniently access the collected data and perform the analysis on Teaching Resources, Human Resources and Residential College.

– New E-leave Application for PhD Students to allow PhD students to apply leaves online, and allow their supervisors and Dead to approve their applications.

– Sports Facilities Booking System was integrated in UM App so that users can it easily and receive push notifications for booking confirmation or cancellation.

– Consumable Stock System was improved with automatic email notifications, manual approval for budget/award proposals and real-time budget reservation information.

– Monthly Parking Pass Application System provided online payment function for new pass applications and existing pass renewal.

UMPASS management portal enhanced user experience by providing a mobile friendly user-interface for account activation, change password, account recovery, two-factor authentication application, and other registrations of software licenses and online services.

Facility Access Control Management system has an improved interface to make it more user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

For more details, please refer to ICTO Annual Report.

Forecast for 2024 Key Tasks

ICTO will put more efforts to develop information services in student, finance and others areas, and continue to modernize ICT equipment and systems that are no longer supported and whose technologies are outdated. In addition, information security is always an important area to improve. Here are some highlights:

More services in UM Mobile App: To expand the range of mobile app features with more high-usage services for students and staff.

New Information Services: To digitalize and streamline the processes according to the users’ needs by offering new and revamped services, such as New Student Add / Drop, Pre-enrolment System, Student Stipend System, Digital Expense Claims System, Suggestion Scheme System, etc.

New Computer for Staff: To replace computers that have been in use for more than 6 years.

Wireless Internet and Network Upgrade: To install more than 4,000 access points and provide 1 AP for each room of student hostels. Moreover, to increase Internet bandwidth by 15% and optimize usage.

New PC Data Recovery Service: To introduce a fast and reliable data recovery service for staff to backup data.

IT security: To update the latest version of ISO27001 ISMS certification for data center service.