UMMoodle is a learning Management System aiming at facilitating the learning and teaching at University of Macau. Aside from facilitating the organization of course material on the web, UMMoodle also provides a wide variety of tools and features that can be used to conduct a course on web.

Inside UMMoodle, teaching staff can post teaching materials and conduct online activities. Students can have self-learning, online-testing, and lecture discussions, submit assignments and check their learning progress.

UMMoodle Login

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Interactive Activities

UMMoodle provides a number of interactive activities including assignment, forum, attendance, quiz, questionnaire, survey, chat, etc. Through interactive activities, teaching staff can interact online with students and have the opportunity to share resources, work and learn together.

Need help with UMMoodle?

Additional Resources for students and teaching staff using Moodle are available on the ICTO Knowledge Base.

If the resources provided here don’t answer your questions, please contact our Help Desk at 8822 8600.

Workshops & Trainings will be periodically arranged for teaching staff and students by ICTO.

UMMoodle Workshop for new academic year will be arranged in September 2016. For details, dates and booking information, please follow the UM E-bulletin Board.