To encourage student to use the student’s lifelong email service – UM@Connect, we offer the option of customised email alias for application. All students on UM@Connect can apply a customised mail alias to represent your personal identify. It is a supplement to the existing email address with student number.


NameJacky, Chan Tai Man
User IDab12345
UM@Connect Email
UM@Connect Email

Highlighted Benefits

The customised email alias can

  • provide a more meaningful email address for better external communication.
  • make the email address easier to read, write and remember with your own identity.
  • be lifelong as UM@Connect email service.

How to Apply Customised Email Alias on UM@Connect?

  1. Apply UM@Connect Service.
  2. Visit and go to “Email Alias (UM@Connect)” to register the email alias.

    Please read the following before submitting your application.

    • Customized email alias can be applied once. Please consider carefully before submitting the application.
    • Please follow the naming requirement before registering the email alias.
    • Application will be accepted on first-come-first-served basis.
  3. After registered the email alias, it will be associated with your UM@Connect account after 4 hours.
  4. All emails sent to the customized email alias ( will be delivered to your UM@Connect mailbox.

To let UM members know your student identity, a footnote will be appended automatically at the bottom of all emails sent from UM@Connect to the standard UM email address (

Contents of the footnote (Example):

Sent from UM@Connect Jacky, Chan Tai Man (ab12345).

For more information about UM@Connect email alias, please refer to the FAQ.