UM Campus Card is a contactless smart card which contains a highly secure chip based on open global standards for RF interface and cryptographic methods. It can support multi-applications with fast and secure data transmission.

UM member will receive the card when they join the University. Student/staff number, name, library ID and photo are printed on the card. Besides, some data such as student/staff number, and name are stored on the embedded microprocessor chip for operational requirements.

Functions of the UM Campus Card

UM Campus Card is more than just an identification card. It also serves as:

  • A library card
  • A staff medical card
  • A residential college dining card
  • A facility access card to access various facilities on campus, including the computer rooms, laboratories, offices and smart lift control etc.
  • An Electronic-purse (E-purse) for making small purchases on campus

For more details about UM Campus Card, please refer to

Facility Access Card

Department/ Faculty staff can apply the Facility Access Card for a non-regular staff/ guest to access the UM facility temporary.

To apply the Facility Access Card, please visit