ICTO provides convenient and secure printing service to students. Follow-You Printing holds students’ print jobs in secure print server until students authenticate themselves by their UM campus card at the Follow-You printer of their choice.

By using Follow-You Printing, it enhances security by releasing documents only when users are physically at the printer, reduces waste by eliminating unclaimed printing and adds the accountability that encourage users to print only the documents actually need.

Printing to the Follow-You Printer

Currently, the printers namely “Follow‐You”, “Follow‐You‐HQ” are providing the service jointly. Follow-You Printing service is a fee-based service. Students can purchase printing quota by using their E-purse through our Kiosks. With sufficient printing quota, students can print their documents to the printers named either “Follow‐You” or “Follow‐You‐HQ” and release the print jobs at any printers with corresponding name.

Follow-You printer

Follow-You-HQ printer

List of Device Location in Central Teaching Building (E6)

  • Ground floor E6-G111i;
  • 1st floor E6-1091a and E6-1102b;
  • 2nd floor outside the computer room E6-2093;
  • 3rd floor outside the computer room E6-3094.

Service Charges

Print SizeColorSimplex/DuplexCharge (Per Page)
A4Black & WhiteSimplexMOP 0.20
DuplexMOP 0.15
Full ColourSimplex / DuplexMOP 2.50
A3B&W / Full ColourSimplex / DuplexMOP 5.00

For more information, please refer to the following document: “ ICTO-ACTS.04/201209/002.r00 – Rules for the Printing and Copying Service”

For more guidance on how to use this service, please visit the category of “Student Printing” in ICTO Knowledge Base for more information.