In order to enhance the entire security of users’ home computer and to lower the cost of productivity loss caused by virus infection, all staff, students of the University of Macau are entitled to install ESET Anti-Virus software on one of your personally owned computer.

It is an efficient safeguard for computers from malwares attack. Moreover, it provides anti-virus detection, scanning and cleaning on computer. ESET supports different platforms with slightly different versions, such as Smart Security/Internet Security for Windows desktop and Cyber Security for Mac OS computer, etc.

To install/ renew the ESET Anti-Virus license, please follow the below steps:

1. Visit and log in to the web page;

2. Apply “ESET SMART SECURITY” and click the “Submit” button;


3. The Serial Number will be displayed;


4. Please visit the link ( EnglishChinese ) and input the compulsory fields to register;


5. Once completed the product registration, system will send an email which contains the Username, Password and Download link to the registered email address;

6a. If your ESET product is Version 8.x and earlier, you can activate it by using the Username and Password;

6b. If your ESET product is Version 9, you need to convert the Username and Password to a License Key here;


7. After installing ESET product, you can enter your Username & Password or License Key to activate.


  • ESET provides Smart Security one year full version license (with the prefix “Trial”) for all schools’ / universities’ home-use. License will expire in 365 days after registration.
  • For Mac OS, you can click here to download ESET Cyber Security/ESET Cyber Security Pro. Please visit ESET KB for more information.

For detailed procedure of how to apply ESET Anti-Virus Software, please refer to the FAQ.