Student email is the official communication channel between students and the University. Latest news, events and important announcements are sent to students email account from the University. Therefore, students are recommended to check their emails frequently to stay informed about the matters related to your studies and events at the university.

To prevent missing out on an important communication from the University, there are several ways for you to read your emails.

For On-Premises Student WebmailFor UM@Connect Email
 Access on Web



 Access on Mobile DeviceMobile browseriOS


 Access on Other Email Client Please refer to the FAQPlease refer to the FAQ
 Email ForwardingPlease refer to the FAQPlease refer to the FAQ
 Customized Email AliasNoYes
 DefaultYesNo (Application Instruction & Apply Here)


  • Currently, there are two types of email accounts for students, On-Premises Student Webmail service and UM@Connect (Student lifelong email service). By default, the On-Premises Student Webmail service is provided to all students. Student can apply the UM@Connect any time before graduation.
  • Your student email address identifies you as a student of University of Macau, please use your UM email account to communicate with University members.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Help Desk.