To diagnose and quickly test campus network performance, ICTO launched the new “Campus Network Performance Test and Feedback Platform” (

This platform is designed for staff and students to report network issues and provide feedback to improve the overall quality of network services.

How can I report network problems if needed?

If you encounter problems using campus network services, please complete “The Campus Network Performance Report Form” and provide relevant information for further investigation.

For details about the platform, please refer to the Bulletin:

To better facilitate the demands for downloading large data files for research purposes, ICTO set up a high-speed Internet area at E5-2084 (Outside ICTO Help Desk area) as a trial.

This area provides a faster and more stable network connection for downloading large files. This service also improves the network usage experience for users who are required to download larger data files over the Internet.

Bandwidth: Up to 300Mbps (upload & download)

For details, please refer to the Bulletin: