Microsoft changed its charging policy for M365 services for higher education institutions worldwide. It charges based on our data storage capacity of M365 online service.

ICTO has reassessed the usage of these services and decided to change the personal storage quota for UM@Connect and OneDrive. ICTO will maintain continuous oversight of any adjustments made by the service provider to its billing methods. ICTO will also make suitable changes to the University’s usage of M365-related services, to ensure that the university can continue to provide cloud information services with reasonable resources.

Starting from December 1, 2023, the storage quotas for Microsoft Office 365 users at the University of Macau have been adjusted as follows:

M365 Service Target User New Personal Quota
UM@Connect Lifelong Email Service Student, Alumni 10 GB
OneDrive Cloud Storage Staff, Student 10 GB

If your storage for Microsoft Office 365 services exceeds or is close to the new storage space limit, you will receive an email notification from Microsoft.

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