With effect from 23 December 2020, the following administrative information systems can only be accessed through campus Intranet or via SSL VPN due to security reasons.

List of affected administrative information systems:

Human Resource

  • Academic Staff Portfolio System – Administrative Page
  • Acquisition of Service System
  • E-Recruitment Admin
  • UM Leave Management System


  • Continuing Education Application System (Admin)
  • NAPanel – Admission Panel
  • NAWEB – PG Offer
  • SI Utilities Function
  • Student Smart Point System

Communication and Collaboration

  • E-Channel Service
  • Greeting eCard Sending System
  • Guest Database
  • News Release-Admin
  • News Submission Platform
  • Request to Publish UM Event

Facilities Booking and Maintenance

  • Car Reservation System
  • Sports Facilities Booking System Web – Admin


  • Budgeting System
  • Financial Information System
  • Payment Gateway Bridge – Admin Portal
  • Student Accounting Module


  • Event Registration System – Admin
  • UM Donation Database
  • UM Souvenir Request Self-Service

For more details of SSL VPN service, please visit the below link: