ICTO recently conducted an on-line survey to access the degree of user satisfaction on using the information and communication technology services provided by ICTO. The survey was conducted during 23 April to 11 May, 2018. Through this survey, it helps us in planning for continuous improvement and hence to provide better services.

ICTO sent a total of 11,089 invitations via email, in which 9,520 invitations to students and 1,569 invitations to staff members. 1,044 replies (response rate 10.97%) from students and 421 replies (response rate 26.83%) from staff members were received. The rating from these 1,465 respondents is analyzed.

In the survey, 8 categories of information and communication technology service were given to respondents for rating. As information security is a key issue in nowadays information technology environment, one question was also included to access respondents’ opinion on whether ICTO had provided sufficient information on information security. In addition, the overall satisfaction level on the services provided by ICTO was addressed in the survey. The overall satisfaction level is 7.12 out of 10. In order to receive respondent’s precise opinions, two open-ended questions were listed in the survey to collect feedback from respondents on the aspect(s) of ICTO that they are most satisfactory with and the aspect(s) of ICTO that need(s) to be improved. The results were published on ICTO’s web page – https://icto.umac.mo/about-icto/performance-indicators/user-survey/user-satisfaction-survey-on-icto-services-in-academic-year-20172018/

  • Overall satisfaction level on services provided by ICTO
  • 5 major aspects of ICTO that the respondents are most satisfactory with.
  • Aspects that the respondents think ICTO needs to improve.