New eForm service was launched on 2nd January 2018 on SharePoint platform for all users.

During implementation, ICTO held several training workshops for staff between July and December 2017. ICTO received positive feedback from our users. We have made a lot of improvements and finally the new service was launched on 2nd January 2018.

The new service helps staff members to design and create electronic form, eForm for registration form quickly and easily without installation any application. It is a web based form builder for a designer to design a form. On the other hand, users can easily submit the data through web browsers.  A user can create and publish her form on web within 3 minutes. Moreover, there are more features:

  • Using SharePoint features with MS Office style menus and buttons;
  • Auto collection of basic information such as name, student ID, email, and staff department;
  • Users can add more fields for collection of additional data easily;
  • Support attachments;
  • Auto email notification;
  • Easy to do simple analysis with filtering and sorting

Since the launch of this service, there are over 20 units have adopted it. Many in-house activities and events are using this service for online registration, instead of paper-form or phone-call channels. See the sample eform created on new eForm platform:

Staff member may refer to the link for the e-form service –

For any enquires about the eForm service, please feel free to contact us at 8822 8500 or email to