We are pleased to share with you the quick facts and key service calls statistics in 2016 to reflect on our work last year.

Quick Facts

 No. of Central Computer Rooms Available to Students 6
 No. of Multimedia Station Rooms3 for staff members

5 for students

 No. of Optical Mark Recognition Room to Staff 3
 No. of Kiosk 17
 No. of PCs Available for Student/Staff use > 3,800
(not including the PCs provided at faculties and library)
 Ratio of Notebook Computers to Academic Staff 1 : 1
 No. of Printing Devices Available for Student/ Staff use 860
Coverage of Wireless LAN> 78% in-door

> 15% out-door

 No. of Wireless LAN users> 13,800 users

(> 14,700 maximum concurrent devices)

 No. of Network points> 73,000 wired

> 6,200 wireless

 No. of Optical Fibre Connections to Buildings533
 No. of Data Centers 2
 Performance (Rpeak) of High Performance Computing Cluster 14 TFLOPS (672 CPU cores and 20,736 GPU cores)
 No. of User/ Special Accounts 18,549
 No. of Email Mailboxes 13,370
 No. of Staff Email Groups 692
 No. of Extensions 2,141
 No. of Fax Numbers 128
 No. of Spam/ Virus Email Blocked by Email Gateway 0.7 – 1.2 million per week (over 85% of incoming message)
 Raw Capacity of Central File Storage 792.48 TB

Service Calls Statistics

+ Total No. of Service Calls Handled

9, 264 service calls were handled in 2016. The demand for the IT support service is increased significantly.




Among all of the service calls, 4,044 were Incident Calls and 5,220 were Request Calls.


Incident Call refers to the service calls made by users for technical support on resolving problems they encountered.

Request Call refers to other kinds of service requests we provide to users such as new installation of IT equipment for new staff, upgrade of equipment, technical support on activities or seminar held by the University etc.

+ Service Calls Solved within Service Target

98.06% of service calls were solved within service target.


+ No. of Equipment Issued to Staff Members


+ Operating System of ICTO Computer

ICTO offers Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit for new models of desktop computers and notebooks to cater the needs of UM users. In 2016, 39.98% of computers were installed with 64-bit Windows.



+ Staff Email System Migration

All staff email accounts were successfully migrated from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook.


+ Upgrade of Internet Explorer to Version 11

Due to the end of support and security updates from Microsoft, ICTO has upgraded Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) from version 8 to version 11 for ICTO equipment. 93% of computers of ICTO are upgraded to IE11.


+ Could You Guess What Type of Call Counted the Most Among All Service Calls?



It is Software Problem

+ No. of Service Call Solved via Remote Support Service

941 service calls were solved by Remote Support Service in total.


+ Some Compliments Received in 2016

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the academic, administrative staff members and the student users for their feedback and comments.

Here are some compliments we received in 2016.