ICTO conducted the yearly staff satisfaction survey to measure staff user’s satisfaction level on Help Desk services. Survey was conducted from 24 November to 30 December 2016.  The yearly survey provided us a good reference to make improvements.

ICTO sent a total of 1507 email invitations to UM staff members. 313 replies (response rate 21%) were received. A total of 19 statements were given to respondents for rating. Most of the respondents were satisfied with ICTO’s services and support. The average scores in all aspects (Hotline Service, Email Service, Remote Support, Technical Support, and Overall Service) were above 4 out of 5, equivalent to “Satisfied”. The results were published on ICTO’s web page – http://www.umac.mo/icto/h_survey_e.html

To get respondent’s precise opinions, two open-ended questions were listed in the survey to collect feedback from respondents on the aspect of ICTO services that respondents appreciate the most and on what ICTO Help Desk can improve to serve the users better. 68 and 50 feedback were received respectively.

  • For the first question, the responses can be classified into 5 categories. The users appreciated ICTO’s efficiency, professionalism, attitude, hotline and counter services as well as the remote support service.

What aspect of ICTO services do you appreciate the most?


  • For the second question, some comments come into our focus are shown below.

What do you think ICTO need to improve on?


In the light of survey results, ICTO is devising an improvement plan to fulfill users’ expectation.