In today’s world, technology plays an important role in our lives. In the past it was expected that a technician will make an onsite visit to provide technical support. However, technology has eliminated the distance and brought people and technical assistance closer to requesters.

To provide better technical support to our users, ICTO Help Desk has been offering remote support service since 2011. It is a secure and quick technical support method. Remote support provides greater flexibility to technicians on solving many computer issues and saves the time of technicians travelling across buildings at various locations.

Many staff on campus have become more accustomed to using Remote Support service. The figures in the below diagram shows significant growth every year on the utilization of Remote Support Service:

Compared to the traditional approach (onsite or phone support), Remote Support service brings the following benefits:


Safe and Secure

It is a secured remote support environment because

Getting Started with Remote Support Service

To take advantage of our remote support service, simply tell our colleagues when you call ICTO Help Desk (Tel: 8822 8600). ICTO Technician will create a session and invite you to the support session via email. In some cases, we will direct you to a web link ( ) and give you an invitation code to enter. After a few clicks to confirm the support session, our technician can share control of your mouse, keyboard and screen to solve your computer problem.

For more information, please refer to our website: