Starting from this new academic year, all UM Staff and Students can use “Zoom” web conferencing service.


Comparison between Zoom and Skype

Comparing to Skype, Zoom offers a broad range of features.

The following table demonstrates the comparison between Zoom and Skype.

To avoid violation of the Personal Data Protection Act, if you are going to record the session during the “Zoom” meeting, please obtain consent from all participants first.

Zoom Web Conferencing Service Briefing for Faculty and RC Administrators

To ensure a smooth launch of the Zoom Web Conferencing service, ICTO invited administrative staff from faculties and Residential Colleges as the owners of the Zoom Pro account. They will provide logistics support to their faculty and RC members.

A briefing session was arranged for all faculty and RC administrators in June to introduce the features of Zoom. They built up the basic knowledge for scheduling Zoom meeting for staff members.

Getting Started – Zoom Account

To cope with different needs from users, ICTO provides the following accounts:

Types of AccountsTarget UsersPurposeMeeting DurationStep (s) to Use
Basic AccountAll UM staff & studentsOne to one or multi-parties online meeting40 minsRead and agree with the user agreement of Zoom Cloud-Based Web Conference Service on ICTO Account Information Page, and then use your PC LAN account to login for conducting meeting
T&L Account (Teaching & Learning Account)Academic staff and teaching assistantsTeaching and learning activitiesUnlimitedPlease refer to CTLE website

Faculty AccountAcademic units
  • Online PhD oral defense
  • Online PhD or Master student recruitment
  • Online academic staff recruitment
UnlimitedPlease contact your Faculty staff to schedule a meeting.

Contact point:

DeptID = your Faculty ID


Residential College AccountResidential colleges staffAcademic and student activitiesUnlimitedPlease contact your Residential College staff to schedule a meeting

Contact point:

DeptID = your College ID


Webinar AccountAll UM StaffLarge video broadcast meeting or online meeting (Over 50 participants)UnlimitedPlease contact ICTO to schedule a meeting

For details about the operation of Zoom Cloud Based Web Conference services, please refer to User Guides and FAQ.